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My beautiful son Liam is 13 years old and is the kindest soul you will ever meet. He is such a great kid who loves films, cats and his friends.

 It would be hard to imagine my life without Liam’s constant energy and love. I am blessed to have him as my son. However, it’s not easy – as any parent will tell you but in this case, slightly more so.

 Liam suffers from EBD. EBD stands for Emotional Behavioral Disorder and refers to a condition in which behavior or emotional responses of an individual are so out of the ordinary, they really affect a child’s performance. In Liam’s case, his suffers from severe OCD, anxiety and adjustment disorders.

 We have help for him in the classroom and at home at all times so that he can live a relatively normal life and still be around his friends and family. This year, he has asked to go to camp. All his friends will be going and without them in town for the holidays, his issues will worsen.

 Our aim is to send him to Summer camp for 1 week. It’s a great opportunity where he will be able to enjoy all the activities that the camp offers with the safety and support he needs as they specialize in special needs children. He deserves to go, but with the one on one support he will needs while there it gets a bit too expensive to fund alone.

 So if you would, like me love for Liam to have a great summer please help me in funding this trip for him. I can’t tell you how much he would appreciate it if he knew.

 Best Regards,

Andrea, Liam’s mom.

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