Nicholas’ Fight For Life

My cousin Nicholas was driving home from a family gathering and was hit by another car on the freeway. Nicholas is currently in the ICU with severe head injuries and extensive damage to his brain.


While doctors are unsure of the state Nicholas will be in when he wakes up, they are working tirelessly to try and understand what will be in the near future.


To those who know Nicholas, they will tell you that he came from humble beginnings. Born into a family who could barely make ends meet he went on to study engineering and work for one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world.


Nicholas is a born hard worker and strived to make himself a life that he never thought possible due to his start in life. Yet, it seems that was not enough. With his whole world being turned upside down and now, with no control over his own being – he is left fighting for his life.


His family do not have enough money to cover his medical expenses and are desperately worried what they will do with the financial costs that keep piling up. They have plans to move him to a Care centre later this week, should his condition not improve and the family will also have to cover the costs of this.

In the meantime, as his cousin I am coming to you kind hearted people for help. Nicholas deserves the best care, he deserves a chance and like anyone, if it was there family they would turn to the last resort and this is ours.

If you have anything to spare, to give I cannot express how much the family and Nicholas would appreciate it. This is going to be a long road and and expensive one. Long term care, rehabilitation, living expenses while out of work and ongoing medical expenses to name but a few things that the donations will be covering. Thank you for reading and for your donations and shares.

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