Amy & Family

Hey everyone, my best friend is going through the fight of her life at the moment, but sadly it’s nearly over. She has been unresponsive for the last 6 months after a tragic accident.

Her family have had to come to terms with this. Her husband and three children have been left heartbroken and while their struggle with coming to terms with losing their biggest love is hard enough, they are also struggling financially.


My best friend, Amy ran her own business – a local advertising agency and was the main breadwinner. Having now been out of work, her husband John has been trying to make ends meet with his job as a handyman. He has come to the conclusion, that in order to make it work he will need to sell their family home to have a bit of cash for the near future to feed, clothe and educate the children at the bare minimum.


Unfortunately, the family don’t have any life insurance policies – meaning Amy will pass and not leave anything other than the current funds in the bank which are approximately $50,000 which isn’t much when the future of 3 children in reliant on that money.


In a matter of weeks, everything will change for the family for good. I would like for the children and John to be able to spend the remaining time of what’s left by Amy’s side in peace and without the worry or burden of financial issues.


I have set this page up to allow for donations to be made for the future of Amy and John’s children. However much you can give, will make a difference. They will sell the house and live from the whatever they make post repaying the mortgage  which won’t be a lot. That will pay for rented housing, food and essentials. John will continue to work but that won’t suffice either.


Please help me, help this beautiful suffering family have a better future.


Share and donate as much as possible and i will personally make sure that the money reaches them!


Those who knew Amy, will know that is would have been her final straw, she wouldn’t want to beg but there really is no other option.


Thank you!


Click here to donate.

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