Help Naomi Beat Cancer

It’s been 10 days since my sister’s diagnosis and the girl that was scared of going to the dentist in the last week along has experienced UV scans, a biopsy, CT scans, MRI scans and bone marrow extraction.

Yes, my sister Naomi at the age of 22 has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It all started back in June on a family holiday for a friends wedding where one evening Naomi came out the bathroom, total shock across her face and told me she thinks she found a lump in her right breast.


Ever the hypochondriac i told her not to worry and that we’ll get it sorted once we arrive back state side the following week. Between a busy few weeks, a fly highing career and the holiday we forgot about it for a few weeks before she told me that she had a scan booked to check it out.

Although quite scary at the hospital, I stood with Naomi at the check up and heard as the radiologist almost ruled out breast cancer on the spot but wanted to do a biopsy just to make double sure.


A few days later we went to see our GP who told us the results were indefinite but it could well be a low-grade lymphoma. They had found an additional lump in Naomi’s  left breast and in her chest.


We left without another word, went home and told our parents and family who also, couldn’t find the words to express what they were feeling – everyone just cried.


Yesterday we went to see Naomi’s specialist who told us the severity of the situation and gave us a list of hospitals as an option. The best one is a private clinic who have the best Haematology department in the country. Costs will be ongoing and while my father is fronting this it is going to be ongoing and gruelling and as a family we will need help to pay Naomi’s medical bills.


The greatest wealth is health as they say and we want to give Naomi the best shot and getting rid of this horrid disease as quickly as possible. So please, if you have anything to give to help – you would be making the world of difference and we wouldn’t be able to thank you enough.


Your donations will be paying only for Naomi’s treatment.




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