Honoring Toby Goodman

In March 2017 we set out on a mission to help save a child’s life! Little Toby is battling Tay Sachs a rare neurodegenerative disorder in which deficiency of an enzyme results in excessive accumulation of certain fats known as gangliosides in the brain and nerve cells. This abnormality leads to progressive dysfunction of the central nervous system.
In infants such as Toby the disease is fatal. There is no known cure and he will only have a few years of his young life left.
Toby needs to be given round the clock medical care at the hospital, where his parents do not leave his side. It is simply heartbreaking to watch and not be able to do anything.
Going forward Toby will require a team of specialists, pediatricians, neurologists, speech pathologists, hearing specialists, eye specialists and other healthcare professionals to help him live a comfortable life. The family have also been advised to get counselling and psychological support to help them deal with this trauma.
All of these medical expenses are extremely costly and along with monitoring Toby’s nutritional status and hydration, which may require feeding tubes and breathing tubes to ease pressure on his lungs they family DESPERATELY need financial aid.
There’s no other way to put it—Toby is dying. His parents lie by his side every night and quite can’t comprehend what is happening to them.
He could be your child, your brother, your cousin….There is no cure, that we know but if your own child needed care that you couldn’t afford, what would you do?
We now ask you to join our battle for this family and come together to help raise money for Toby to get the care he deserves! However big or small the donation, we cannot thank you enough!
Friends of the Goodman Family.
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