Securing Shanaya’s Future

Just over 6 months ago, my partner was shot dead in our neighbourhood on his way home from work in a mixup with the wrong kind of people. Our daughter Shanaya, is 3 years old and recently started nursery.

I have been trying to grieve over the past 6 months and his loss came out of the blue for us all. A stupid, mindless act that took his life. I still wait for him to walk through the door, to tell me it was some sick joke…but it’s not and that realization is slowly kicking in as the days go on.


I’m currently working 2 works and extra shifts to fund my daughter’s life. It’s not easy as every single mom will tell you…the financials aside there’s also no support. My mom does her best but she’s got a lot on her plate as it is so i try not to put too much pressure on her and i don’t have a lot of other family that can help me out.


Next month, I’m due in court to testify against my husbands murder and I’m consumed with anxiety over this. I have to take unpaid time off work and find care for my daughter as the trial is set to take a month or so.


There is no way I can do this alone. I’m depressed, grieving and desperately trying to give my daughter everything she needs and even the bare minimum is proving hard.


So i’m here, alone and asking for myself and for the sake of my daughter for an act of kindness from anyone who is able to offer it. I want my daughter to have some form of decent upbringing and with your donations, this is what i will do for her, in my husbands name who is no longer around to provide for her.


Please help me try and help her have the best life possible, especially during this time when it will be harder to provide for her not working and being in and out of the courtroom for the next month or so.


Every single one of your donations will impact her future, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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