Make Magic Walk Again

Walking home from work yesterday I came across a small dog cowering in the corner of a run down building, barely able to move. When I got closer to her I saw that she looked severely malnourished and was literally a small lump of matted hair, ticks, and bones. She was shaking and I could tell in a lot of pain as she couldn’t walk properly on her back legs.

I picked her up and took her back with me and straight to the local vet.I already paid for her tick treatment, however her 2 back legs are severely broken and need 2 operations and rehabilitation to make her walk again. Unfortunately, I’m a student and work to cover the expenses of my college fees and cannot cover the total amount of these operations.

Every time I look at her I cry. How long was she out there alone for? How long has she been in such excruciating pain for? I’ll keep her forever as she’s the sweetest and kindest dog I just need your help in helping her walk again….She’s only around 4 months old and has had such a rough start.

With your help I can get her back on her feet and give her the life she deserves, so please please please show as much compassion as you can and if you can’t donate, even the smallest amount please share with your friends who may be able to help. Thank you xx

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