Shark bite victim needs your help!

My brother Mark was recently a victim of a shark attack in Mexico. Mark is an avid surfer and loves the water. On holiday with friends he took his board out one morning to catch some waves. Spotting some dolphins in the sea, he sat on his board for a rest to view them.

As he sat down he noticed that the shadow beneath him, usually algae wasn’t passing as the sea pushed him forward. Lowering his arms into the water to make sure it was nothing to worry about, Mark soon realized that it wasn’t algae beneath him.

He was violently struck, with a shark latching onto his arm, pulling him into the water. With this quick thinking, Mark managed to kick the shark in the face a few times before it released him and swam off.

Clambering back onto his board, he pushed himself to shore where locals helped him to hospital. His arm and hand had been badly injured and doctors were able to stop the bleeding and deal with the wounds.

Mark required over 100 stitches in his arm and hand and will need extensive skin graft and rehabilitation to be able to use his hand again.

If there’s anything you can do to help my brother in paying his medical and rehab bills, i would be eternally grateful! Thank you!

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