The Morrison Family House Fire Donation

At 9pm on 8th February the Morrison family home caught on fire with the children and a babysitter alone in the house. The children, aged 4 and 9 have been injured in the house fire and have been treated in hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation.

Luckily, they all managed to get out in time and thank god no major injuries happened. The children are obviously in shock and are currently out of school so they are being treated by a counsellor to try and deal with their trauma and anxiety over the disaster.

The house has been completely shattered and will need to be completely rebuilt. The house, where the family have lived since the children were born needs extensive repairs to some and possibly even full reconstruction. The family are in the process of investigating the best option and the costs for this.

Life-long belongings and memories are now gone forever. They are all currently staying at a their cousin’s house while they recover from this tragedy and work out their next steps.

As their closest friends, we are doing all we can to help them rebuild their lives and we ask you to help us.

Please open your hearts in helping this family with any amount of donation you can provide. We understand many people have been affected but believe that you have to start somewhere and your money will be going to a family who really, really need it right now.

Thank you!

Lucy, Gemma and Paige – friends of the Morrison Family.

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