Education in Africa

As a primary school teacher, I have a love for children, education and development. I believe EVERY child is entitled to an education no matter their circumstances. This summer, I spent my time with ‘Build Africa’ where I travelled to rural Africa and helped support six schools in the community cluster: Kolir, Akakaat, Miroi, Apopong, Okum Okamole and Angangam primary schools.

 I spent 6 weeks helping physically build, train teachers and build a program that helps children follow a structured, daily education. The people in these communities have suffered unimaginable loss, natural disasters and hunger imaginable. Yet everyday, they suck it up, go to work and try to better their lives. With sheer dedication and support from awesome charities across the world, slowly but surely they’re developing.

They inspired me, they moved me and they taught me how to look at life from a positive outlook, no matter what the circumstance. Do what you can, with what you have and where you are. It showed me that sometimes we take the little things for granted and need to learn to appreciate everything we have, because it’s hard to imagine what others go through on a daily basis to make it work.

I want to raise for money for this community and help them get to a better place, a bit quicker.

 With $300,000 we can:

 Build 3 schools with classrooms and a teaching training centre that will be home to over 600 children who will be provided with safe transport, food and all the daily necessities for learning. Volunteers from across the globe will be invited to teach at the school to give the children the best possible chance of success and women from the local community will be trained to teach, meaning more jobs for the locals too.

 It doesn’t have to be just a dream, it can be real and it can happen NOW…but only with your help. So I ask you as someone who saw it first hand, If you believe in the power of education and waht to help end poverty and so something truly incredible, donate whatever you can today! I PROMISE you it will be money well spent.

Thanks! Sasha

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