Helping Ralph, Help Others

As many of you know, earlier this year my uncle Ralph suffered a severe stroke at the age of 60. Known as the man with the van – always the handyman around to help coming to terms with what happened was a blow to the whole community, not to mention to me.

Coming to terms with what happened has really affected me. He can no longer communicate the way he once did let alone do the job or sports he loved so much.


My uncle has a long way to go to but is being treated by the incredible Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery where he initially received an urgent decompressive craniectomy (brain surgery to relieve pressure from the swelling) and then spent several months doing rehab therapies with doctors, nurses, speech and physical therapists and an occupational team.


This incredible place has helped my dad through his hardest challenge yet. They are also aiming to raise 1.5 million to create an acute interventional neuroradiology service for stroke. When people have strokes there are 2 most common types. The first, is a brain bleed which is haemorrhagic and then other is thrombotic – when a blood vessel gets occluded.


In the instance of a thrombotic stroke like my uncles major arteries in the brain are blocked which. The clots that cause this can be removed in a process called thrombectomy, which has been shown to prevent severe brain damage and even death if done quickly enough. Unfortunately in my uncle’s case this wasn’t an option but maybe it will be for future people.


Currently this treatment is only available to 25 patients a year at this hospital. However, if the brain appeal is successful this number will grow to approximately 400 patients per year.


To do my part to give back to these amazing people, raise awareness and prevent someone else suffering at the hands of a stroke I will be running the marathon and hope to raise as much money as possible for this incredible initiative. All your donations, every single penny will be going towards changing lives, so please dig deep and save someone else from this awful grief!





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