Help My Kids Get Back to School

I am lucky. I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children who fill my heart with love everyday. I’m a single mom, my children’s father walked out on me and the children around 3 years ago now and they don’t see or hear from him and neither do I. While it’s his loss not seeing the great little people they are grow up, it also means we have no support at home, physically or financially.

I work 3 jobs and am lucky to have my mom to help me out with the kids during the week. This year, my twins start nursery and my son goes back to school and I am unable to cover all the costs that go with uniforms, shoes and school supplies/essentials. I’m doing my best to make ends meet, pay bills and put food on the table but they need a decent education and the basic equipment for it.

So I am here to ask you to help me, help them and give them the best start possible this year.

Every child deserves the best possible education and life at school and sometimes, kids stand out for all the wrong reasons. Please don’t let that be my kids.

Please help me cover their needs for school and extracurricular activities that will allow me to keep them safe while I work.



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