Get Jack What He Needs!


Jack is my twelve year old cousin who has a severe case of Autism. Jack faces social interaction, communication and repetitive behavior issues everyday of his life. He barely speaks unless its to those closest to him, doesn’t really have many friends as he’s unsure how to behave with them and has tendencies to severely repeat himself regarding things he loves.

Some days are better than others but the really bad days also see Jack having seizures, needing surgery, special diet requests and other complications to daily life.

His parents have done whatever they can to help him through medically and academically however with increased medical bills and school fees jack needs additional help in the classroom that the government won’t provide and parents cannot fund alone.

Like every child in the world, Jack too deserves an education where he can reach his potentials. While currently undergoing different therapies, classes and treatment protocols to improve his issues, Jack’s parents are looking to hire a full time assistant to be with Jack both inside and outside the classroom to help him reach his goals.

So please find it in your hearts to donate as much as possible and to give Jack the best chance at life and learning!

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