Save Our Family Business


Last year my father, the backbone of our family business – the ‘Alfresco’ restaurant passed away leaving the business to me and my daughters. He knew everything about that place, it was his whole life and being left to run a busy restaurant on a daily basis with no knowledge of the business whatsoever has proved very challenging.

My 2 daughters, one who was at university has dropped out to help me out in the restaurant however the expenses of salaries, business licenses, health and safety measures…we’re looking at losing our family heirloom.

We’re doing everything we can to keep our heads above water, keep staff and make sure that my father’s legacy lives on however, it doesn’t seem to be enough. We currently owe $30,000 to suppliers urgently otherwise we risk losing them completely.
We are asking for the communities help to give us a lifeline and support the continuation of what my father devoted his life too. With the donations we’ll be able to pay back our debts and hire the right people to run the business. With your help our family treasure can continue serving the community with great Italian food. Thank you for your donation!

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