Help for Hurricane Harvey Families

Imagery compiled by researchers at Colorado university shows flooding across 600 sq km of Harris County and 132 sq km of Galveston Country which equates to about one eighth of each county’s land area. But what difference does all that make when lives have been turned upside down, possessions lost, drowned never to be found again. Imagine being left with nothing! Texas is in ruins people and WE MUST HELP THEM.

The devastation caused by this hurricane is unimaginable for most so I am calling on people from ALL OVER THE WORLD to come forward and donate and much or as little as they want to help these people. We need to help families across the city get back to basics at the bare minimum.

Help them to start rebuilding their lives and make sure that men, women and child across the state have everything they need to get through this experience.

My friends Jayden and Corey are on the ground there doing what they can to help physically but beyond that they need financial assistance from everyone who can help them start over. Your mall change can be a big difference to thousands of lives right now!

So please, please please donate now! All donations will go to Jayden and Corey who will distribute it accordingly.

Click here to donate.

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