HIV Clinic in Tanzania!

Hi everyone! My name is Hayley and back in 2014 I began spending my summers volunteering for a variety of underprivileged people across Africa. I was working with in underdeveloped places, with children who barely had clean water let alone an education, women who were abused, refugees and more…
Over the past 3 years, I have been doing this on a yearly basis and what I’ve learnt is that Tanzania faces a HIV epidemic. In 2015 1.4 million people were living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania.
The greatest challenge facing the health sector there is the inadequate human resources and funds to deliver healthcare to these people. Since the 1990’s, structural adjustment policies and HIV has greatly reduced the health sector workforce, think of it as like a vicious circle.
Not to mention,  the poverty that engulfs the country meaning that  the cost of drugs and health services has constituted a financial barrier to access.
Due to the vast size of the country, health services do not currently meet acceptable quality standards, and access to voluntary counseling and testing services varies greatly.
Myself along with another group of volunteers are personally looking to raise enough money to build a clinic for HIV positive people and from there, start training locals to practice medicine within the clinic.
This will help improve so many lives on a daily basis and change lives forever.
Our starting budget for the building is around $50,000. It will have 6 rooms and a waiting room. Once that is underway we will begin adding more donations for what is needed inside the clinic. This is a massive project, but after having personally seen how much these people are suffering – it is very needed and worth it!
Thank you for reading this and for your donations! It is all greatly appreciated by myself and thousands of underprivileged people in Tanzania. Let’s do this
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