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Since March 2011, the Syrian civil war has devastated the country. It is now recognised internationally as the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. 5.1 million Syrians have fled the country as refugees and we have to help them. Half of those are children – dependent on others to survive.

I know you’ve all seen the images making headlines across the world but this is only a small insight into what’s really happening.

My friends and I want to do our part to help so we are currently raising money for a family of four who in 2011 fled the civil war after months of bombings. The family walked for 40 + miles and arrived in Jordan ahead of the intense refugee vetting process. They were granted asylum at the end of last year and arrived in the US.

Even with various assistance from local mosques and kind people in the area, they cannot afford their rent at the moment. Their income is limited and consists of some government subsidy and the father’s salary at a local restaurant. Their children are at nursery and are benefitting from their current place of learning, learning to speak English and integrating with other children.

We’re looking to raise $70,000 to support this family through their first 3.5 years in the US. The donations collected with be used to reimburse the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants for the cost of their flight to the US, help the family pay their monthly rent and cover ongoing expenses for the children, transportation, food and clothing.

We will be withdrawing the funds in our names and disbursing them directing to the appropriate person/organisation for specific expenses.

Your generosity – in any amount – is greatly appreciated.

 Thank you very much.

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