Jasmine’s Lemonade Stand

I couldn’t be prouder of my little princess! After months of telling me how she wanted to help people, she finally decided she wants to open a lemonade stand to do it.


Jasmine wants to give back to the local children’s hospital and while they don’t accept the toys she wanted to donate from her own collection due to hygienic reasons, they will accept donations in the form of money.


Therefore, Jasmine has decided she will donate all the money she raises from her Lemonade stand this weekend outside on our front yard to the children in the hospital so that they can buy new toys.


She’s 8 years old and went out and bought the cups with her own money, decorated them after school and helped dad build the stand, she has a good heart and to say I’m proud is an understatement.


I would like to help push her little idea along and give her a bit more money for her kind effort, so if you feel like donating to the local children’s hospital here in Atlanta, Jasmine would be very grateful! Thanks! 🙂

Click here to donate.

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