Jimmy Needs A House


Jimmy is facing being evicted from his house and needs your help. 

Jimmy is a 60 year old man who lives alone, with his cat after his elderly mother passed away 2 years ago. He was left with the house that they shared however it has now come to light that there is a mortgage on the property that is $15,000.

While Jimmy works, his salary isn’t exactly a big one every month and he’s been desperately been trying to make the payments but sadly there is also a balloon payment at the end of the debt. Due to Jimmy’s age and salary, the bank are unable to help with this in terms of lending any money.

Jimmy is an awesome guy who is hardworking and a friendly face in the neighbourhood. He’s lived next door me all my life and I would really love to do something to help him stay in his beloved house and not face being kicked out

If you can help me, help him I can’t tell you how much he’d appreciate it. He’ll probably be really embarrassed that I’m even doing this for him but everything helps! Thanks for your donations in advance.

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