Help Parisian Synagogue Recover

Not so long ago one of the oldest synagogues in Paris experienced some heartache when it was damaged by fire.

The ancient building, the stained glass windows and the Torahs found inside are all hundreds of years old. The synagogue is home to a congregation whose families for generations upon generations have been coming for daily prayer, weekend activities and education about the holy land and the bible.

 Restoration plans were in process however the costs amounted to more than originally planned and insurance costs don’t cover it all.

 I have been a member of this synagogue for 20 years and my father’s, father was a rabbi here once upon a time. I feel it’s my duty to do anything I can to help restore this beautiful place, if anything – for our children’s sake. It’s historic, monumental and means a lot to many people.

The synagogue’s board is helping with their own funds to restore some of the damage however we need more financial aid to repair our holiest place so that we can re-open it fully.

Please help this historic congregation and spiritual home regain its beauty and continuity in people’s lives. I really appreciate your help in helping me restore this magnificent place.


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