Anna’s Battle with Ovarian Cancer

Back in 2016, a cervical smear test revealed that I had some abnormal cells that could possibly indicate cancer. I went and was tested for ovarian cancer 2 weeks later, that came back positive. The cancer was advanced and doctors deemed it ‘life threatening.’

At any age, this is horrendous, however with 2 children and at the age of 30, I was convinced it must be a mistake. How could I, ME, ANNA?! HAVE CANCER? Just didn’t seem right…

I began radiotherapy and chemotherapy that saw me, lose my hair and become weak however, it was working. To save my children the heartache, I decided not to tell them what was happening to their mom, instead battled through and made excuses.

For the past year and a half, I have received incredible help and support from world renowned doctors but unfortunately, i am now becoming unresponsive to standard treatments and my 40% survival rate is diminishing quickly…

My mother, unable to accept this for the sake of her daughter and grandchildren has been looking everywhere and has found that there is a treatment program in a private clinic in Europe that has been running a clinical trial and getting incredible results. The treatment, due to regulatory reasons is not available anywhere else in the world.

The treatment uses the latest research and offers a targeted and personalized treatment for my cancer. This gives me hope, at least to live to see my kids for another day, week, month, year…

I can’t comprehend not seeing my children grow up, go through school, college, get married, have their children… it makes me feel ill just thinking about it. How will they cope without their mommy? Is there any price for that?

My one wish, is more for them than it is for me. Let their mommy live. Help her, help herself and stick around that little bit longer for their sake. I have a goal and i can’t get there without your help. I WANT TO LIVE! Is that so much to ask?

So please, help me. Help me get a bit of my life back… it’s going to cost a lot of money and i will really appreciate any help you can give. I need to raise $100,000 for the first part of the treatment and then some additional money for the maintenance. So please, do what you can to help me, if i had it, trust me i wouldn’t be asking. Thank you!

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