Make sure Benjamin is ok!

Natalie Brenner was fatally killed in a car accident on May 12th. She was the passenger in the vehicle that was hit by a lorry and impacted her directly. She was killed instantly and pronounced dead on the scene when paramedics arrived.


“Make Sure Benjamin is Ok” are the only words I can hear going round and round in my head. That’s what she would have said in her last breath, that’s what she would have wanted. Benjamin is her 4 year old son.


A bright young boy who has his whole life ahead of him, now without his mom. He loves school and Natalie always dreamed of sending him to college and giving him the education she never had due to financial issues.


She worked hard to make this happen and now, to no fault of her own – it may not be.


As her brother, someone who she relied on through thick and thin, I can’t believe she’s gone but have made it my mission to ‘Make sure Benjamin is ok’ for the rest of my life.


We have set up a savings account for him, that he will have for his college plans and thereafter and are setting up this page to raise as much as possible to help with that.


So, if you can help a little boy get to college, in the name of his wonderful mother – we would be forever in your debt. Thank you for anything you can do to help.



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