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Hi everyone, my name is Carly and I served with the United States Army alongside Matt, my fellow veteran who served for the US in 2 deployments to Iraq. Matt, for a various amount of reason is currently abusing drugs.

When I spoke to him earlier this week, he was completely out of his mind and sounded beyond desperate. His family broke contact with him a while back due to not being able to deal with his ways and I’m literally the only hope he has left.

You probably won’t be able to understand and think ‘ah, another junkie’ but it’s not quite like that. Matt’s a good guy, that’s been through a lot more than most people go through in a lifetime and he’s crying out for help.

Another veteran who served with us has offered to give Matt a place to stay and help him get the help he needs to get back on his feet. He’ll need to get him to to New York to do this and then be with him throughout his treatment. Matt is like a brother to us and we just want to see him get better.

Your donations would cover:

  • Travel expenses for Matt to get to rehab

  • Drug Treatment

  • Therapy

  • Ongoing meetings with psychiatrists to monitor him


So please, find it in you to help someone who spent YEARS of his young life keeping YOU and your families safe!


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