Help A Family In Need

Last week, my daughter and her family were involved in a terrible accident at home.


My daughter Kelly, her husband Sonny and their 8 year old daughter Emma were involved in a gas explosion that started a blazing fire inside their home. Their injuries are extensive and all 3 of them are currently in the intensive care unit with extensive burns and my daughter Kelly, fighting for her life.


Kelly is suffering from 60% 3rd degree burns to her body, Emma 40% and Sonny 40%. Burn injuries involve the partial or complete destruction of the the skin. The layers of the skin are destroyed and this results in local and systemic disturbances.  They are being treated in intensive care as when the skin is damaged or destroyed by a burn, it may result in or lead to compromised immunity, hypothermia, increased fluid loss, infection, changes in appearance, function, and body image.


But they’re alive and as a mother who is literally living her worst nightmare, for that I am grateful and praying everyday that they will all survive this.


I’m setting this fund up as assistance with their long and painful medical ordeal that will inevitably cost a lot of money and due to the house explosion. In the fire, they lost everything they own and will need to rebuild the house they own.


We, as their family desperately need assistance in helping them financially. Our immediate needs are to make sure they are medically looked after, have good and shelter. We’ll then look at rebuilding the property and their lives.


Please, please help and share this and help me do whatever i can to make this better!

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