Khalela and the Children

In Lesotho in Africa there are currently over 350,000 orphans. 180,000 of them are as a result of AIDS and nearly half of all households, approximately 45% are caring for at least one orphan.


On my gap year, I spent some time in Africa and met a woman in Lesotho who at the age of 64 is doing her part to help these orphans.


Every morning, Khalela wakes up early and takes the 2 hour walk to the hospital for her check up. On route, she goes past some neighbors to take their orphans to the hospital with her, should they need to go to get immunizations or medical supplies.


She then, makes the journey back with them – collecting clean water and food supplies on route to make and feed them with once she returns. Khalela then cooks what she can, with what she has and feeds the local orphan children.


Later on, with any spare time she may have before night sets in she will spend teaching and educating the children. Nothing more than the basics but it’s something.


Sometimes, when watching from the sidelines in real time it is quite amazing to see how much one woman can do to help children. They say in Africa, it takes a village to raise a child and whilst that is somewhat true, Khalela is a true inspiration. She thrives on helping and wants a better tomorrow for all the children in her village.


I’m going back to Visit Khalela in October and until then, I hope to raise enough money to help her buy the necessities she needs for these children. Your donations will be going towards:

  • Food

  • Bedding

  • Medical Supplies

  • Education

  • Immunizations


So if you can give even only $1 I can’t express how much that would help! I look forward to updating you all on my return and showing you what your donations bought. Thank you and please share!

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