Get Brian to the 2020 Olympics!

I’m at college with a guy named Brian Andrews. Brian is a super smart guy who is studying law. Originally from Suffolk in the UK, he is also a top sprinter – the best in 100m races and hopes to go to the Olympics in 2020.


He is currently being professionally trained here in the US after training all his life in the UK and has a dream of making it to the next Olympic games. However, he is in a predicament between his studying and sport. He makes just enough money in his part time job to pay for his college fees however will need assistance to make his dream a reality and continue training for the Olympics.


Brian really is one of the good guys. He’s hardworking and ambitious and is doing this for his father, who always believed in him and sadly passed away a few years back in a horrific accident.

While he would be really embarrassed that i’ve even set this page up I really do believe in his potential and ambition and am asking you all to put yourself in his shoes, think about someone who really believed/believes in you and how much they would want you to do this…

All your donations will go towards training and costs of getting to the Olympics. I will personally transfer the money raised into his account and everything will be done right.

Thank you in advance for all your donations, you really are helping a dream come true!

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