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The Carter family have recently been told their Daughter Lola needs a liver transplant. Lola is a bright and funny 6 year old girl who has developed Biliary Atresia that happens when the liver’s bile ducts are missing or blocked. This causes serious liver damage and the results are needing in a new one.

Fortunately, most liver transplants are successful and Lola is currently in hospital on the transplant list awaiting her new organ. Hopefully once the operation is carried out although she will need to take medication to prevent complications and have regular hospital visits for checkups to monitor her liver function, she should be able to lead a normal life once more.

Lola and her family will likely be spending Christmas in the hospital this year due to Lola’s complications with her liver function and we’re looking to raise some money to give all the children on the hospital floor, along with families like the Carter’s who stay in the hospital for their kids a great festive period, even in hospital.

So Any donation you can provide for Lola, the children and her family would be fantastic as they have all been through so much and deserve to enjoy the festivities too.

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