Raising Money for the Taylor Family

taylorMy colleague Amy Taylor and her family were involved in Hurricane Harvey. Her and her family, husband Tim and children Lola 4 and Jamie 7 were stuck inside their house with flood waters filling the first story of the house.

Managing to wait on the second story of the house, until help arrived after many hours to help them through the deep waters to safety. They have been staying with friends during this period as their home is not fit for purpose right now.

On a recent trip back to the house, Tim – Amy’s husband discovered that the house was still in around 3 feet of water and many possessions and household items had been lost and/or damaged for good. Their cars too, submerged in the flood

With the pressure of Harvey, that many people are experiencing, the Taylor family’s future remains unclear. There will be a long road ahead of them of cleaning up and reconstructing, not to mention things that will never be the same again.

I know it’s pretty hard to imagine unless you can see it first hand, but trust me when i say i wouldn’t wish this hell on my worst enemy.

I’m asking you to help them rebuild their lives and home and while accepting donations doesn’t come easy to this family, they have allowed me to tell their story and try and help.

Your support, even just a share on social media of this story is appreciated beyond imagination however whatever you can do to donate, however small will make the world of difference. I will be personally giving the family all your donations. Thank you for your prayers, love and support throughout this difficult time.

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