Masectomy, Hysterectomy & Wedding

Hi! I’m Georgina, I’m 25 and due to get married next year. Last year, I sadly lost my mother to a long battle with breast cancer. After she died, myself and my sister were advised to go and checked by a specialist to see if we carried the gene. I remember not wanting to go and felt like my whole world was about to end. I had a gut feeling that it would be me and not my sister.

 A few weeks later, my fiance and I went to meet the doctor and get the results of the test. The doctor told me that my gut was right and that I carry the BRCA gene and will need a full mastectomy and hysterectomy by the age of 30 in order for my outcome to be different to my mothers.

 If I don’t operate I have an 80% chance of developing breast or ovarian cancer by the age of 40. Whilst I’m currently struggling to come to terms with the news and now realising that my life is against the clock in terms of having children my fiance and I are due to get married next year and due to the costs of seeing specialists and the operations are struggling to make ends meet for the wedding.

 So as a young woman whose life just got pretty scary I ask you to help with whatever you can contribute to make our wedding day the best of day of our lives and take our minds off the struggles we are currently facing.

 Thank you!


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