Happy Retirement Evie

If you live in Hermann, there’s probably not a chance you haven’t come across Evie on the high street. Always smiling, always happy to see you and always on time! The first to open the cafe in the morning and the last to leave at night….the same routine for 40 years. However the time has come to wave goodbye to  the lady the calls everyone and anyone ‘lovie’ which really is the best way to describe herself let alone anyone else and let her go and relax.

 Evie has worked all her life, has put her whole heart into building that cafe and although it won’t be the same without her we want to send her off the right way.

We’re a group of students who would like to raise some money to give to her as a goodbye gift, that she can choose to spend on whatever she likes. We want to give it to her as a special thank you for always being the friendly face on the street and being there in times of need….and food!

Feel free to donate whatever you can, everything will be passed onto Evie for a happy retirement gift! Thanks! 🙂

Click here to donate.

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