The Gabriel Family Hurricae Harvey


My niece and her family have been turned upside down by the devastation caused to their home by Hurricane Harvey. They have lost EVERYTHING. The house will need to be demolished and rebuilt, possessions gone forever not to mention memories in the forms of pictures and items that will never be returned and can’t be replaced.

This natural disaster has left this wonderful family of 4 devastated. They’re not sure what to do or where to begin in rebuilding their lives. The children have been totally traumatised by the hurricane and what it caused and will probably need to have some therapy to get over the fears in the near future.

The proof is in the pictures…the damage to the house and the cost of rebuilding and starting over is not something that ANYONE plans for and therefore I’m looking to raise as much money as possible to help them get this process started.

While there’s many, many families who have been affected by this devastation and my thoughts and prayers are with them too…I have to start helping somewhere so will start with my own. The images and videos on the news every night don’t come close to the actual situation, it really is unimaginable so please help with anything that you can and if not, say and prayer and share this page on Facebook!

Thank you!

Maureen Gabriel

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