Building A Convent

We are a group of young, vibrant and spirit filled people by the strength of God are looking to build a new Holy place of worship for our small community in Beaufort, North Carolina.

We are currently gathered in a local hall, where the presence of god is experienced daily. We are true believers and would like to open a convent where we can be together daily for prayer, activity and community building to represent a unified body of Christ.

Our goal is to continue to reach more people and to show God’s love in our community and beyond. With our continued growth, we need more space to provide more room for new worshippers to experience God and his love through us.

We have decided to open this page to fundraise for our new home. With a goal of raising through donations, enough money to buy land, build the convent and install it with prayer books and daily, religious necessities.

Every penny counts, from 1 cent to a million dollars, anything that God lays upon your heart will suffice. The total cost of the project is $1.5 million however, we are raising the rest on our own, with our savings and with God’s help.

Thank you for reading and for helping us build this convent that will spread love and happiness through prayer for many, many years to come.

Please support this vision, no matter how big or small the donation and thank you for your prayers and support!

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