Give Abigail the Best Shot at Life!

My little girl Abigail was born on 24th August 2017 at 6:30am at 30 weeks. She was a baby that was born prematurely due to complications with my pregnancy.

 Abigail, was born with Congenital cerebral Palsy, resulting from issues with brain development during her time in the womb. This disease, is something that will now be with Abigail forever. There is no cure and she won’t be able to lead a normal life like other children. School will be different, walking, talking, learning…everything.

 As a mother, this has been the most heartbreaking news I ever dreamed of receiving. My daughter is currently in hospital as she is having difficulty controlling her body temperature and there are some complications with her immune system.

 My husband and I are by her side 24/7 and have taken leave from work to do this, unpaid. We have spoken to professors and doctors and going forward, for Abigail to reach her greatest potential both physically and mentally she will need:

  • Rehabilitation – including physical therapy and use of special equipment to help her.
  • Occupational Therapy  – To learn physical skills and everyday functions.
  • Speech Therapy – To help Abigail communicate she will need help in developing her muscles in her mouth and tongue to improve speech.
  • Medical Therapy – Medical assistance for Abigail with seizures that she could experience, feeding, and breathing issues that may occur.
  • Educational – To help with her thinking, learning and memory.

While some of these issues such as education are a while off, we want to be prepared to give Abigail everything and anything she needs for the best chance. We are coming to you to see if you would be willing to help. Put yourselves in our shoes, what would you do? No savings, currently out of work to care for your newborn baby and a future with an ill child? I’d give my right arm if it would help, but it won’t only YOUR donations will.

So i’m asking you to please share this post and donate as little or as much as you can to help my little girl have a shot at the best possible life she can have.

Thank you.

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