Stop bullying now!

I hear so often the phrase ‘X was crying today at school because X was mean to them’ from my children on the way home from school. Too much in fact. It gets me really down to think that bullying is still a thing especially with such youngsters.

I’m a father to two boys aged 8 and 10 who attend Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School and am looking to raise awareness of bullying and incorporate a program into the school to eliminate bullying once and for all.


Bullying is a huge concern across the United States with most bullying taking place in school, outside the school grounds and on the school bus. According to a study, students experience bullying 29% in the classroom, 23% in the lunch hall and 12% in the bathrooms.


The program i want to incorporate would encourage respect, responsibility and consideration for others. My goal is to collect $2,000 and use the donations to bring speakers, provide extra support and resources for the students who may need it  and raise awareness to achieve better peer relations at the school.


Any donations you can give to help me help them will positively impact the way students treat each other going forward. I really appreciate your help and thank you on behalf of everyone involved in helping.



Paul Conan.

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