Irma Flooding at the Jason House

The Jason family are a family of 4 made up of Maddison, 40, Scott, 45, Louis, 10 and Maggie, 6. While the family were out at friends – their house was struck by Irma.

Scott received a call from a neighbor to let him know.

On their return, the family saw the devastation that had been caused. The house was in ruins and all personal possessions gone for good.


We are aware that millions of people have been affected by Irma and the devastation caused by the most powerful Atlantic Ocean Hurricane in recorded history, however on Sunday when the hurricane made landfall across North America, my beautiful family in Florida were badly affected.


I wish I could help everyone, really I do but i can’t and have to do what i can which is why i’m turning to you wonderful people of the world. I need help to help the Jason Family rebuild their lives and their home. They are facing the loss of everything they ever had and knew and as Irma departs, may have the chance to start rebuilding.


It will be a long, tough process but we must do what we can for the family who have been so badly affected by this natural disaster.


Please, please dig deep and give whatever you can to the Jasons and with your help, they’ll be able to start over. Thanks xx

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