Help the Hollier Family!

My niece’s beautiful island, looks like World War 3 hit it. Cars, homes, belongings all trashed by this natural disaster. St. Maarten is her home and now we’re not quite sure what to do to help her and her family.


Their house has been demolished as the storm came through and shattered the place and without us being able to seek solace in her husband’s workplace god only knows what would have happened.


Without water, power and no means of transportation they are stranded on St. Maarten until rescuers can get to them once the storm passes. Thank god they are ok, that’s worth more than anything in the world to us but I am BEGGING you kind people for help. Let’s raise enough money to help them start rebuilding their home and get transportation. It will be a costly expense to recover from all that was lost especially in an island that is practically destroyed but with people’s help it is possible. We are stronger together!


At the moment even their family cannot reach them, we live in the US and due to the storm cannot get to them at this devastating time.

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