Save My Children!!!!


I actually can’t believe I’m writing this but I currently risk losing my beautiful children. My little girl and little boy are my WORLD. I gave up my beloved career to be a stay at home mom with them and give them the best possible start at life.

After my youngest was born I developed post partum depression which affects 10-20% of new moms in the first 12 months postpartum. It is not a character flaw, it doesn’t show weakness nor does it make any woman less of a mother. Sometimes it’s just something that comes with giving birth. An emotional or physical change.

I have been separated from my children’s father for just over 6 months now and rather than helping me get better he has aided it. He is fighting for sole custody of my children due to my ‘illness’ as he labels it.

Sadly, love does not alway win and in these cases money often does. My ex is taking me to court and is aiming to win this custody battle. Whilst I’m hoping and praying the judge sees through his accusations of how i’m not fit to care for my children, i’m going to need a team of attorneys who specialize in cases like mine. They cost a FORTUNE and while I can’t believe I’ve literally resorted to begging strangers for help I’m not sure what else I can do? I can’t pay for this alone and cannot face losing my children and seeing them on visitation permits!

I have never ever stopped my ex from seeing his kids but they need their mom, every child does! So please, I’m begging you to help me with whatever you can to pay a team to win this case for me and let me be with my children. As you don’t know me personally, I know it’s hard to understand but let’s also try and set a precedent that mothers may go through things after pregnancy but that doesn’t mean they are unfit to care for their children.

Thank you for anything you can give and be sure to hold your kids extra close, always!


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