Save Hattie the Therapy Dog

Hattie is not your average dog. Having been used by cruel people to breed puppies when her back legs were broken after an accident, Hattie now requires a wheelchair to get around. With her tough background, she’s still a very happy go lucky dog that brings joy to many.

Hattie is a therapy dog who works with mentally disabled children across the North Coast and provides them with kisses, brings smiles to their faces and inspires them on a daily basis.

As if she hasn’t been through enough, Hattie has been diagnosed with Lymphoma after showing symptoms with vomiting, weakness and weight loss. I am currently waiting to hear on what type of Lymphoma it is and she will then need to start treatment as soon as possible for the best possible outcome.

If it turns out to be a low grade lymphoma, remission is expected to be 2-5+ years. If it is a B-cell lymphoma, remission of 12-18+ months is expected.

Dogs handle chemo much better than people often do, with fewer side effects and as we caught this early we are hopeful to have Hattie around for a lot longer, providing her love and comfort for years to come.

Chemo treatment is expected to cost between $5000-$6000 not inclusive of the tests afterwards to monitor. So please dig deep and help us save this bundle of joy who so deserves to be healthy!

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