Burial Fees For Melanie

Last friday my 25 year old daughter was found unresponsive at a friends house. She was pronounced dead upon the arrival of the ambulance and our family are beyond heartbroken. My beautiful baby girl has been taken from us far, far, far too soon.

While heaven has been blessed with an angel who touched the lives of everyone she met, we have to grieve and now with the added pressure of finances. The insurance company have decided that they cannot front the costs of the burial until they know the cause of death.

My daughter is due to be buried on Monday and the results from the autopsy to determine cause of death will not be back before then, leaving us in a real dilemma. Rather than these companies being there for you when you really need them, they make you suffer that bit more!!!

If you can find it in your hearts to help us grieve in peace, without any pressure from finances we would be forever grateful. Whatever you can donate no matter how big or small the sum will really, really help us during this difficult time. If you can’t donate then please keep us in your prayers and share this on your social networks. We need as much help as we can get as quickly as possible!

Thank you.

The Ade Family

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