Giving Back for my 30th!

As my friends will tell you, I love a party:) This year I turn 30 and want a different sort of party. One were others enjoy it.

On bi-weekly Sunday mornings, I head down to the local retirement home where I help prepare breakfasts and clean. It’s something that I don’t really like to talk about for various reasons but there you have it.

I see elderly people from all walks of life in this home, spend my morning making them something nice to eat and catching up on the last week. Some of them hold very special places in my heart.

This year, they all know I’m turning 30 and want to celebrate with me. So I’ve decided to try and raise enough money to give them a party. Every cent raised will be used to organize this party for them, to feed the 150 elderly pensioners that depend on the home as their own. I will be devising a menu, drinks and dessert to provide on the day and need your help on raising enough money to do this for them all.

If you are able to donate and can help me give them an afternoon to remember i can’t tell you how much i would appreciate it. Many of the pensioners save portions of their lunch for dinner as there is a shortage of funds at the home. Making sure these people had plenty to eat, even for just one day would be the best birthday gift i could receive. Thank you all SO much in advance for any support you can give!

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