Equality for all!!

As some of you may be aware, people in the LGBT community in the South face constant threat. To say there is equality is a joke. As a gay man, I have faced real risk of physical attacks, daily intimidation and constant threats to say the least.

Since the beginning of 2017, 8 transgender women of color have been murdered in our country, 3 of which were from the south. Coincidence? I don’t think so..


Bullying in schools in regards to this community is rife at school and our younger generations are not being accepted for who they are. This is NOT OK!!! This has to change!


I’m a transgender male who is hoping to get married this year to my partner. We have covered the majority of the costs however, need an extra bit of help to get over the last part.


If you believe in equality and want to help us get married, we cannot tell you how much we would appreciate it. Your donations will be making a huge difference and showing people from the South that it is possible to be who you want to be.


Thank you very much!

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