Chris’ Car Accident

My friend Chris was recently in a five car pile up on the highway. Chris’ car was rear ended after another driver ploughed into the first of the five cars. Nobody could have seen this coming and the accident caused both minor and extensive injuries to the various people involved.

Chris sadly found himself in the middle of this accident and needs surgery on both his knees and legs, pelvis, shoulder and chest.

While the insurance look into this accident and the come to their conclusion, they will not cover any medical bills due to not having a final cause.
Chris is awaiting some extensive surgeries and rehabilitation that will be expensive to pay for alone. For a 30 year old man this is a lot to handle, he may never be able to go back to the job he loves so much due to these injuries, let alone getting through the next phase of operations and rehabilitation.
Please help us spread the word and raise as much money as we can to help Chris pay his medical bills and get back to some form of normal life as quickly as possible.
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