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Working in the music business, drugs are rife. They’re everywhere, even more so in the 90’s when my brother started out. Dean, my brothers first exposure to drugs started at the age of 15. The older crew he was hanging out with while interning at a record label, started dabbling with marijuana and ecstasy. Every weekend, they’d go out together and that’s what we’d do for fun.

As time progressed, things got worse. Dean was smoking Marijuana like cigarettes and dabbling with LSD and snorting heroin on the weekends. After that, he started making methamphetamine with a friend who just got out of prison and quickly became severely addicted to this drug.

Later, when he found OxyContin, he stopped using methamphetamine and returned to his opiate habit. This habit would continue for the next twenty years.

Dean became a prisoner to my own addiction, without some form of heroin every day, he couldn’t cope and would go into withdrawal.


His boss, suggested he goes and see’s someone, speak to someone and get help. Dean told him he was ok and carried on. A few weeks later, Dean’s boss signed him off work on medical grounds after me not turning up to work for a week post a ‘bender.’


This just made this worse and Dean continued with this until he ended up in hospital, not once but three times.


Dean was then enrolled in a methadone program and stayed on it for three years. He felt like I was getting my life back, or at least able to if he pushed myself to get some more help. He went to everything our insurance would pay for to get better and the last resort, a rehab programme that my parents paid for 2 years ago that got him clean for a year and helped him meet Emily.


Emily was the love of his life. We shared a love like no other but sadly, they weren’t good for eachother. They spiralled back into a relapse and Emily overdosed 6 months ago and died. He cannot carry on like this anymore. He’s lost friends, family has disowned him and he’s now grieving the love of his life.


Dean is willing to get help and for good this time, he just doesn’t know how. His insurance won’t cover him and my parents have pretty much disowned him. They say you need to let an addict hit rock bottom to finally realise, and that exactly where Dean is.


I have opened up this page, and my brothers story to ask for donations to send him to a rehab facilitation in Arizona that specializes in cases like Dean’s and has a great success result. As well as helping him overcome the drug use, the facility will help him heal. The goal of the program is to help patients build successful lives for themselves and rejoin their families, surrounded by others who can relate to their struggles.  With daily therapy, doctors and specialists to help, this is Dean’s last shot.

So if you can, please help me help him! Everyone deserves one more chance…

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