Connie’s Bucket List


As some of you may know my beautiful wife of 15 years Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer a while ago and more recently with secondary cancer in the brain. While I have taken time off work to be with her, help her and assist her on a daily basis typical Connie always wants to take the good out of a bad situation.

With that in mind, she decided to create a Bucket List of the things we wanted to do before she is laid to rest in the arms of Jesus.

Unfortunately the family can’t cover the costs alone with her medical bills and daily life so we are coming forward to ask for even the smallest donation to turn Connie’s final wishes into a reality.

Connie’s list is:

Cruise around the Mediterranean with the whole family.

Big Family meal at her favorite restaurant.

Shopping trip with her daughters

Party for her 50th birthday.

If you can help us make my incredible wife’s final wishes a reality, I would be forever in your debt and it would really mean a lot for the whole family. Thank you.

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