Corey’s Road to Recovery

Hey All, My brother Corey has been in intensive care for the past month after a near fatal motorbike accident. Corey is 30 years old and currently undergoing multiple surgeries to help him recover.

By the grace of god he’s alive and still fighting however the process will be long and the road to recovery will be hard.

Everyone that knows Corey knows he’s a strong guy, up for the toughest challenges and resilient but this will need more than that.

He’ll need a lot of care and attention throughout his surgeries and thereafter and won’t be able to work for a while meaning that his financial situation will deteriorate.

I reach my hand out to you as a brother and ask you to try and understand what we’re going through as a family as how costly and expensive getting him back on his feet will be.

So please, please if you can help, with any amount I would be eternally grateful. I will of course keep you updated with his progress.



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