Divorcing a Monster

Hey All,

 Tatiana, mother of 3 here. Looking to get divorced as soon as possible to keep my kids safe.

I’ve been married for 5 years in somewhat of a living hell. He pushes me around, mentally abuses me and has smacked me so hard – he’s knocked me out before – not to mention all this in front of the kids. My confidence has been shattered and i cannot go on like this, not for the sake of my children.

They can’t be around such abuse, they can’t believe thats ok or normal for a man to treat  woman like he treats me.

Anyway, he won’t give me the divorce and the lawyers that claim they can get it, but it will cost a lot of money. I do not want anything else other than this divorce. I work hard to pay for my kids and give them whatever I can. However, this is a cost I cannot account for right now and need it to happen RIGHT NOW. I need him out of my life, legally.

That way, I know my kids will be safe, he won’t get near me and i will be free to live my life. This process will take a LONG time, he’s going to fight me on everything including my children so please please help me on the financial side to get the ball rolling and try and get this monster out of my life for good.

My kids and I appreciate anything and everything you can give to help! Thank you!

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