Prayers For Jerry


My dad was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor after I noticed a difference in his facial appearance and walking one afternoon when visiting him at home. 

He is currently in hospital and is undergoing treatment for the mass that has been found pressing on his brain and with our faith in Jesus and by the grace of God he will be able to stay with us longer.

He is my only family, it is just the two of us and I will be taking time off work to care for him which will inevitably been unpaid.

To start off the treatment process, my father will be going through a 6 month radiation, chemotherapy and medical trial period in order to shrink the tumor and hopefully allow him to live!!!!!

I’m coming to you great people to ask for some assistance in raising money to support me so I don’t have to stress over money in the next couple of months but can rather help my father heal…the rest in the hands of god.

Thank you and may god bless you!

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