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I currently volunteer in an animal shelter that operates as an open door facility in the Los Angeles area. This means that our shelter doesn’t turn any animal in need away. This sadly, often results in an overload of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies arriving at the shelter. Thousands upon thousands of them come through our shelter each year, some finding homes, some staying for years.


However, many of them are also not quite ready for adoption be it for a number of reasons – some too young or too sick and need treatment that we offer too from our awesome vets that volunteer their time.

We depend on volunteers at the shelter who do it from the goodness of their hearts however these animals need basic essentials in the shelter to even survive.


I have opened this page to give the animals some hope and reach out to you and ask you to donate whatever you can. This will help us in providing the animals with:

  • All necessary medication and medical care

  • Food and litter

  • Bedding

  • Training for animals who need it.

  • A place for sick animals to recover.


While we currently have some of these, they are in need of upgrading as shown in the pictures. Beds are used, chewed and broken, food is sparse and bedding almost non existent.

These animals deserve more until they find their forever homes. If looking at the pictures doesn’t touch your heart then please allow me to as i see it every week and how sad they are. Anything you can give will really go to a great cause and help us care for these helpless animals.


Thank you!

Click here to donate.

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