Travelling the World – Before Death

5 years. It’s been 5 years since I was diagnosed with cancer. I beat the odds after being given between a year -18 months to live! I couldn’t quite believe it when the anniversary hit last week.

And then, a few days later i took myself for my monthly checkup and scan. Scans came back and showed that the cancer was back and it was in my liver too. There’s no point me going into too many details at this stage as we all pretty much know what that means….

But I still beat the odds, i got another 5 years and seemed impossible and this time, with the diagnosis of around 6 month to live, I’m going to go just that…LIVE.

I’m going to raise money for the charity that looked after me so well the first time and all donations will go to them in full. To raise this money, I’m going to travel. I’m going to prove that even with a time limit and an aggressive cancer, anything is possible and that you really should take everyday as if it was your last.

I’m paying for the trip myself but want to leave something for other cancer patients and for the charity as my legacy. I would like to raise $100 for everyday that the charity helped me. Meaning a total of $200,000.

Beyond that, i also want to inspire those who are battling this disease to go and LIVE!

So please share my story and donate whatever you can to this fantastic cause and the people who help those suffering every single day.


Click here to donate.

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