Refugee Sports Team

The school football team is seeking to kit out their new team with customized football kits. As the coach I wanted to tell you a bit about this team that has shown perseverance, hope and faith in the face of devastation.

The team used to be made up of your typical, all American guys, the ones that love football to death but today, that story is a bit different. Young men from Sudan, Syria, Somalia and Uganda make up the majority of the team. Many of them arriving in America after their live had been torn apart by civil war in their native countries and looking for something new to believe in…finding sport as a solace.

They all have big dreams and combined with their talent, their destined for greatness. I see them in training everyday and an amazed by their potential time and time again.

I would like to raise some money to assist in buying these real heroes that inspire me and students at the school everyday to be better a new football kit each. Your donations will go solely to buying the boys kits and football boots and anything remaining, towards their team as a whole.

Thank you very much for helping us!

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